UPfield Soccer is excited to bring the top-rated, age-appropriate, and non-competitive child development soccer program to Kidz Karousel. The thirty-minute program will occur at our centers but at a time that will not interfere with your child’s classroom learning time. UPfields professional coaches come in once a week and deliver fearless soccer fun!


Tumbling Tigers

Grow, Learn, and Play with the Tiger Tumble Bus! Every child in our class will learn the fundamental principles of gymnastics and fitness while enhancing their gross motor skills, balance, and coordination. Once a week, we have classes on the bus that last for an hour and are divided into three parts: warm-up, skill, and play. The skills they acquire and cultivate on the Tiger Tumble Bus will assist them in growing and succeeding in future activities.

Library Storytime

Children begin to learn early literacy skills at birth through everyday interactions such as sharing books, telling stories, singing songs, talking to one another, or pointing out and naming objects These activities help expand their vocabularies, broaden and enrich their experiences and stimulate brain development.  Once a week, local librarians visit the centers, reading preschool favorites and engaging children in what is being read to further promote their critical and imaginative thinking.  It also improves their intellectual and emotional development, and helps them acquire the pre-reading skills needed for reading success in school. Our centers in Downtown Baton Rouge, Zachary, Prairieville and Mandeville enjoy librarian visits weekly.

Scholastic Book Fair


Each Kidz Karousel center has an annual Scholastic book fair offering the best books at the best prices for our students and families. Stay tuned too your local centers for the Scholastic Fair dates.



Lyons Club Vision Screenings

It is estimated that between 5 and 10 percent of all children have vision problems that can lead to permanent loss of vision if not detected and treated in time. Vision loss can subsequently lead to under achievement in school and in the workplace. The Cubsight program is designed to screen children from 1 to 5 years of age. With this screening, we can detect eye diseases before it is too late. With early detection of eye diseases, we can save a child’s sight. Our Kidz Karousel children are screened annually with parent consent.


Parents Policies and Procedural Manual


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